An Unfinished Sunset / The Return of Irish Bly

A man in his errant sunset years sets about to rekindle the sense of adventure he’d known as a boy. Irish Bly, the swashbuckling alter ego of his early youth, returns to travel the surprising trajectory of a Spanish conquistador’s legendary treasure. Over the ensuing five centuries the treasure has become a modern-day pirate's story. Now, in Castro’s Cuba, a mysterious light falls on the muted golden tones of entwined jaguars framing the obsidian glass of an ancient Aztec mirror.


An imaginative plot, replete with a zany cast of characters, unfolds from a fisherman’s shanty on Florida’s Gulf Coast to the cobbled streets of Old Havana. It’s a journey charted from a landmark mansion in Key West to a fine antique shop on New Orleans’ Royal Street.


All along the way chary marina gossip appears as folklore. Fanciful recollections from the Mekong to the Côte d’Azur transmute into allegories, reaching back to the beginnings of the tale itself and the Mexica ruins of Malinalco. Romantic imaginings buoy the storyline as personal conundrums and parables in the adventure of a lifetime.








About the Author


Portrait of Author: Will Irby

Will Irby lives and writes in Florida and North Carolina. A fifth generation Floridian, he credits the adventure novels and chivalric tales his mother read aloud as inspiration for his writing. As a private investigator and security consultant over the past twenty years he has served a discrete clientele including corporate clients, private collectors, trusts and estates. His wide-ranging experiences and extensive travels continue to color and enrich his fiction.



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